Custom Signs (Your Art)

Your child is unique and individual. Make their room just as unique and individual by combining their favorite creature with their own artwork:)

All creatures are hand-made with love, as are the Tasmanian oak wood parts.


Note: In order to place an order for a sign with your words, you must own the intellectual property rights for your words, or have permission from the owner. Neda's Treasures assumes no responsibility for any breach of intellectual property rights through the manufacture of characters or writing from designs, writing and/or pictures submitted for customised manufacture by any customer of Neda's Treasures.

Note: Our products are completely hand-made. As a result, none are actually identical. Although every effort is made to keep them as similar to each other as possible, please forgive us if they arrive at your house slightly different from the picture and description.

Please email me at if you would like your own custom creation xx


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