Hand-Made Brass Jewellery

Neda unisex brass jewellery simply looks beautiful any time, day or night.

Neda's unique Persian designs are all hand-made with love. The quality is obvious from the first look, and the natural brass appeal allows them to be worn with almost all colored dresses. They offer a luxurious look which will attract attention whenever you wear them.

Neda's jewellery can be added to the most glamorous night out, or worn as an everyday accessory... and when the time comes, can be handed down to your children:)

SHIPPING: We are proud to offer Australia-wide postage for just $10 per shipment, and world-wide for $15 per shipment. This covers all products and collections (except Creative Characters and Card Creatures which include free shipping).

PLEASE NOTE: Our products are completely hand-made. As a result, none are actually identical. Although every effort is made to keep them as similar to each other as possible, please forgive us if they arrive at your house slightly different from the picture and description.


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