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Hello, I am Neda. I came to Australia in 2015, in order to escape a very bad situation in my home country of Iran. I came with nothing but my two beautiful children and some dreams.

Since then, I completed a Master of design at UNSW, and then I met Adam, the love of my life. Adam was a merchant ship Captain, and now trains the future of our marine industry. He also makes all of the Neda's Treasures wooden parts.

I began selling my home-made products at various markets, and you can still find me at a market some weekends. Like me on Facebook or Instagram (links in the footer) to see where I am next, and for specials and new products.

Due to the demand for my hand-made products, I have needed to ask some friends to help me. Together we hand-make all of the products exactly as I started out making them - with love xx. All of our products are unique, hand-made, and full of cuteness. When Adam and I met, we agreed that regardless of our financial, physical, or other circumstances, what remains most important of all is love, love, and again love. We hope that our products will bring you as much joy as we get from designing and producing them. Most of all, we hope that you get a sense of the love with which they were made.

Finally, I am so happy to mention that on 17 May 2021 I finally had my citizenship ceremony! I am now the proudest daughter of this beautiful country which adopted me and my children:)

Wishing you a beautiful day, with smiles and happiness, and don't forget... love, love, and again, love - Neda xx


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