Baby Gym - Sea Creatures

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Neda Baby Gyms are the most unique and beautiful way for baby to be entertained. Each creature contains a rattle, and will bring hours of wonderment:)

The height of the creatures is adjustable by rotating the main beam. All of the creatures are hand-made with love and are machine washable. The stand is hand-made with love from Tasmanian Oak.

These baby gyms will be theirs forever! Your baby will love gazing up at, and playing with these memorizing and cute creatures, and in no time your toddler will love to play with them as he or she begins to explore the world... then your school-aged child will love to hang a creature from their school bag until finally the creatures can hang from the rear-view mirror when they get their first car:)

Width: 813mm


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NOTE: Our products are completely hand-made. As a result, none are actually identical. Although every effort is made to keep them as similar to each other as possible, please forgive us if they arrive at your house slightly different from the picture and description.


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