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Baby Neda Mobile with koala will brighten baby's day and begin to expose him or her to the wonders of being friend with Australian birds.

These baby mobiles will be theirs forever! Your baby will love gazing up at these memorizing and cute creatures, and in no time your toddler will love to play with them as he or she begins to explore the world... then your school-aged child will love to hang a creature from their school bag until finally the creatures will look after your adolescent's  keys with love, when they get their first car:)

All of the creatures are hand-made with love and are machine washable. The mobile and stand are hand-made with love from Tasmanian Oak.


Purchase your mobile to hang yourself, or with Standard or Motorised stand!

These beautiful hand-made wooden stands will literally stand the test of time:)

Our new model of stand features a larger mounting piece for larger width between uprights, new soft felt padding so as to never damage baby's cot, and a new painting method which results in an even more beautiful item which will be admired for many years.

The motorised version provides the ultimate baby amusement experience by rotating at approximately 3 RPM. Power supply included. As shown in the video (link below), if your mobile accidentally becomes caught and is stopped from turning, the motor will continue to turn but the mobile remains stopped. This avoids damage to the motor, and most importantly avoids injury.

Motorised Mobile video 1 (Cow mobile shown)

Motorised Mobile video 2 (Cow mobile shown)


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NOTE: Our products are completely hand-made. As a result, none are actually identical. Although every effort is made to keep them as similar to each other as possible, please forgive us if they arrive at your house slightly different from the picture and description.


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