Newborn Memory Doll

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How much did your little baby weigh? How long was your little baby from head to toe? What was your baby's head circumference? I can hand-make a doll with the same weight, length, head circumference as your little bundle of joy on the day they were born! When you place this doll along your arm, you will be taken back their first day... hold him or her in your arms forever!

 Choose from a range of four colours: light blue, pink, green, brown.


Please note that while I will make every effort to make the doll as accurately as possible as per your requested weight and dimensions (and actually I can usually get everything exactly correct), it is possible that the doll may be up to 5% different from the weight and/or dimensions ordered.

Please note that this is not a completely customised doll. This product represents weight and overall length only. The basic structure of the doll is as per the pictures here. Leg length is varied in order to achieve the desired overall length. The majority of weights are added to the torso and head in order to give the doll an authentic feel.

Please note that this product is pre-order only. We appreciate your patience in the preparation of this unique product.

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Note: Our products are completely hand-made. As a result, none are actually identical. Although every effort is made to keep them as similar to each other as possible, please forgive us if they arrive at your house slightly different from the picture and description.


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