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SMALL MULTI CHARACTERS: 10cm - 15cm tall (Minimum order 10)

$27 (AUD) each

20 and over 10% discount

50 and over 20% discount

Free postage world-wide for all small character orders (minimum order 10).



1. Place a sample order and upload your final artwork.

Decide whether you want 10 or more small characters, or a single large character. Place an order for 'Step 1 Sample'.

As part of the sample purchase process, you will be prompted to upload your artwork. This is the artwork used to make your character.

A sample will be made of your character, and a photo emailed to you. Samples take approximately 5-10 days to make and photograph from the time of your sample order.

2. Approve your sample, and make 50% payment.

Upon your approval of your sample, simply decide the quantity required, and email us your consent. If you are unsatisfied with your sample, small changes such as color may be accepted in most cases for no charge. However, if you wish to make substantial  changes to your sample, you will need to place another 'Step 1 Sample' order.

We will then create an invoice for 50% of the total. Production will commence upon receipt of this part payment. Please note that production varies, but allow approximately six weeks.

Note: For customers outside Australia, the amount invoiced is in Australian dollars (AUD).

3. Make final payment. 

Upon completion of your order, you will be sent a picture of the whole order, along with an invoice for the remaining balance.

Upon receipt of your final payment, your items will be posted, and you will be provided a tracking number.

Note: For customers outside Australia, the amount invoiced will be as per the 50% deposit above, and in AUD. This means that due to fluctuations in conversion rates over time between the first and final payments, the final amount paid in your local currency may be slightly different when compared with the first invoice. To avoid this uncertainty, you may pay 100% up front. If you wish to do this, please email

4. Soon you will be able to enjoy your own Custom Characters!


Note: These characters are completely hand-made. Although every effort is made to ensure that the characters in a group are as similar as possible to each other, no two characters will be exactly identical to each other.

Note: In order to place an order for Custom Characters, you must own the intellectual property rights for your artwork, or have permission from the owner. Neda's Treasures assumes no responsibility for any breach of intellectual property rights through the manufacture of characters from designs and/or pictures submitted for customised manufacture by any customer of Neda's Treasures.

Please take a look at our gallery to see some examples of Characters we have hand-made for some of our wonderful customers:)


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